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 Social Skills Groups for Children – in Devizes

Research Autism recently concluded: 
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“There is a considerable amount of strong positive evidence to suggest that social skills groups may help some children and young people on the autism spectrum practice and improve a range of social skills. There is much less evidence for any benefit for adults on the autism spectrum.*
Social skills groups are most likely to benefit children and young people on the autism spectrum with average or above average IQ and with existing language skills. They may also be most appropriate for children and young people who actively wish to socialise and whose anxiety levels and behaviour are manageable in situations that involve several people at once.
However care should be taken to teach practical skills that children and young people actually want rather than abstract social refinements that other people think autistic people should have. Autistic children and young people should be taught multiple skills in situations that reflect real experiences and real settings as this is likely to be of more value to them than being taught isolated skills out of context.”

 *less evidence probably means that fewer studies have been carried out with adults.

The Arc groups aim to make the learning context one that reflects ‘real experiences and real settings’.

In previous years the children have had the opportunity to engage in either a survival skills or high ropes activity run by Braeside staff. This year we will organise another such outdoor activity for the children to work together and practice their cooperation and negotiation skills.
Children are matched with others according to age, ability and their individual needs.

Go to the Social Skills Groups page for more information.

Also see the What People Say page to read what parents have said about the Arc.

Lucky to be in WiltshireNokia 2010 - 2012 325
One family, having travelled from Worcestershire last summer, made the week a family holiday and discovered the joys of Devizes and the surrounding area.
The Caen Hill locks are a stonesthrow away from Braeside where the groups take place. Stonehenge, Avebury, Lacock, Longleat House and Safari Park, the Wiltshire White Horses, and the beautiful cities of Bath and Salisbury are all close by.

Please contact Rachel on rachel@the-arc.net to find out more – and to register your interest for this year’s groups at The Arc.
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See the article in the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald-  View Article

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