Speech and Language Therapy

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Speech and Language Therapy

Rachel’s independent practice, based in Devizes, Wiltshire, includes individual and small group work with children, teenagers and young adults with a range of communication needs including speech sound difficulties, language delay/disorder, stammering, Autism Spectrum Disorder and social communication difficulties.

She enjoys ongoing work with individuals and groups, and assessment to inform therapy, education and management of the difficulties, and has a preference for this rather than assessment for tribunals or other medico-legal work.

Rachel has a clinic in Devizes. She may be able to see children in pre-school, school, college or in the home, depending on location and the time available.

Rachel is experienced in diagnostic work for Autism Spectrum Disorders, working in multi-disciplinary teams in the NHS, the Australian Health Service, and independently thoughout much of the 26 years since her qualification as a speech and language therapist. She is not currently working within a diagnostic team so is not able to make a diagnosis as a sole practitioner; however, she can carry out social communication assessments to contribute to diagnostic assessments being carried out by other teams.

Rachel has also worked extensively in mainstream and special education settings. She is currently working in an independent mainstream school and a specialist further education college for students with ASD. She has worked in a number of schools for children with ASD and was previously Head of Therapy in an independent special school for high-functioning students with ASD.

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